Delete, assign labels, edit language for multiple nodes at the same time


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    I'd have to agree with this feature request and expand on it a little.


    As it's the one thing that prevents a smooth workflow for me when using entering/updating my Snippets. Normally if I'm backed up on a few things to add to my Snippets, they labels might not exist yet or I might not even know what i want to label them until I type my "new label" to be shown 0 results. At the very least, if the app had a "no match, create 'shell' label now?" Not sure if you use the app Pocket, but if i haven't used a label before it doesn't make me come back or abort the current entry until I've created each label I need. I dont mind defaulting to a random color, as Martin Fowler said "Naming things is hard" and I'd rather have 10 yellow labels than 10 missing snippets.

    Maybe it's my OCD but it's the one thing that keeps the app from becoming a daily habit because I need that kind of freedom to move fast, and achieve a little organization that doesn't require me to revisit the snippet when the label is ready or worse just avoid entering the snippet until a later date. 



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