Snippets need a link to GitHub gist




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    Rui Jiang

    This is available via the GitHub sync dropdown:

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    Irina Truong

    Goodness me! I could not tell it was a drop-down at all. I thought it's a "sync indicator". Thanks!

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    Helge Drews

    I would prefer a link to the cacher-snippets of my gists. I just searched for a shareable link to it and only found two workarounds.

    1. I could copy the links to the individual files.

    2. I could first go to Github and then copy the shareable link to the gist.

    But honestly, I am wondering why cacher itself only supports to copy the embedded link and not the shareable link. The latter one would be nice, cause I could post it to my organisations issues or to my personal notes. A script-tag doesn't work in these textual contexts.

    If needed, this can be put into a feature request. But I think it fits more or less into this category.

    Best regards from Germany! And go on with your amazing work! Hopefully, I can soon convince some of my colleagues to build up a sample code library based on your system. :)

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    Rui Jiang

    Thanks for the feedback. We're actually working on a permalink version of each snippet. Expect to see it released in the next couple months.

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