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    Igor Ferreira Azevedo

    Hello Thomas,

    It's great to hear from a long-time customer, and thank you for your feedback and suggestion!

    Hello Cacher Support and Community,

    I hope this message finds you well. I'm a long-time Cacher user and have thoroughly enjoyed using your platform. However, I'd like to suggest an enhancement that I believe would make Cacher even more user-friendly and efficient mcdvoice

    I would find it extremely useful if there were an option to pin specific snippets on my public Cacher user page. This feature would allow users to curate their public libraries and showcase their most important or frequently used snippets at the top of their user page. This would be particularly beneficial for those of us who share our snippets with others or use Cacher for collaborative projects.

    By having the ability to pin snippets, it would provide a more organized and user-friendly experience for visitors to our public libraries. It could help highlight our most important or relevant code snippets, making them easily accessible and noticeable.

    I believe this feature would not only enhance the usability of Cacher but also improve the overall experience for users who utilize the platform for sharing and collaboration.

    Thank you for considering this feature request, and please keep up the excellent work you're doing with Cacher!

    Best regards, Thomas

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    Mark Miller

    You have shared amazing content with us. I especially commend you on this type of content driving directions

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