Copy Gist to Another Group and Publish to GitHub Gists




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    Rui Jiang

    Thanks machinefriendly. #2 is a great suggestion. We'll look into ways to make the Gist issue more apparently.

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    I've subscribed Cacher too fast before I find that the snippet is not synched to Github Gists, then I see that you do mention that in FAQ, I strongly recommend that you consider below options:

    1. continue synch to Github's Gists for those common info between two services
    2. if not, mention the disconnection with Github's Gists in your pop-in inside gistbox to avoid others commit same mistake as I did. Thanks.
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    I think copying snippets from personal repo to group repo was one of the key sharing features of the gistboxapp and now we are not having it in the paid app. I don't think I will see much of anyone in my team sharing any code if they have to manually copy each file of the snippet to another snippet.  

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